Light Exercises Suitable for Elderly People

Light Exercises Suitable for Elderly People

Exercise is a habit that never goes out of style, regardless of age. This can can spell the difference between living a happy life and getting hospitalized. Besides, this is a perfect pair to all the services you’ve availed from a reputable elder care in Ohio to address your loved ones’ needs. Unless your elderly loved ones are advised to avoid physical exhaustion, doing regular physical activity is highly beneficial for them. If they’re allowed to do so, these are the recommended ones they might like to do:

  • Yoga

    The stretching routines of yoga can help them develop their muscular flexibility. This can help them maintain their full mobility. Yoga can also be done alongside music therapy, which can help calm the mind.

  • Aerobic and Strength Classes

    Aerobic exercises (e.g., hiking, running, swimming) can help seniors burn calories faster and shed off those extra pounds. This also improves their cardiovascular health. Strength classes, on the other hand, can help improve their muscle mass.

  • Bodyweight Training

    Bodyweight training helps seniors maintain or recover their upper body strength, especially for the arms and limbs. This training also keeps them strong.

  • Light Gardening

    Lastly, gardening is another good exercise seniors can practice. It would be wise to grow edible plants so that they’d have something to reap in a couple of months. Or they could also choose to grow flowering plants to add a touch of appeal to their garden. Indeed, this exercise doesn’t really feel tiresome and boring at all!

Regular physical exercise is an important part of health of your elderly loved ones. As an facility for assisted living in Ohio, we at Pine Hill Country Care have made it a point to consider this need by making sure that we organize physical activities alongside the medication assistance and disease-specific care we’ve offered at our adult care home in Concord Ohio.

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